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At AMS SERVICES d.o.o., we specialize in the sale of used trucks and their spare parts, and MAN-vehicle maintenance and repair.


For more than ten years, we have been keeping our customers satisfied and worry-free. Our highly qualified, experienced staff ensures reliable, fast and secure service. We stand out by providing quality service, and by prioritizing quick responsiveness and adaptability to our business partners’ individual needs.


We are experts in the sale and repair of MAN trucks, offering our customers the following services:


MAN Trucks  

  • sale of used trucks (check our offer on  www.avto-net.si, www.mobile.de )
  • rebuilding trucks, tailored to customer specifications,
  • repair of damaged trucks,
  • repurchase of used or damaged truck’s


Servicing and repair

  • Rutine service for trucks
  • Plumbing and paintwork services
  • Air conditioning services
  • Optics and ACC adjustment
  • Repair of engines and gearboxes
  • Diagnostics
  • And many more


Sale of new & used spare parts    (check our offer on  www.avto-net.si )

AMS storitve d.o.o.

Lesna ulica 17

3230 Šentjur

Tel: 00386 (0)3 748 30 89

E-pošta: info@ams-storitve.si